March 2018 Pick ‘Em

Okay gang,

It’s that time again — your yearly Sweet 16 Bracket Challenge.

Get the most right and you get a free Bluegrass Basketball shirt!

Give us your picks in the comments.



March 5 2018 Podcast

Kayla and Jon bring you coverage of the Regional Tournament rounds that have been completed. Kayla makes a bold statement about Lexington Christian vs Scott County and wants you to call her out if she’s wrong! Some exciting news about Bluegrass Basketball’s coverage of the Sweet 16, plus more. Enjoy and thanks for tuning in!

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Bluegrass Basketball Season 1, Episode 10

February 19th 2018 Podcast

Hey gang! We do have video, however, I’ve dealt with some major internet issues today. Currently uploading and hope to have the video embedded soon.

For now, enjoy the audio podcast — recorded at Powell County High School. Love the cheerleaders in the background! Aside from being cut short this week, this is one of my favorite episodes.

Jon and I opened up about our Mr/Miss Basketball picks and I interviewed 1986 Sweet 16 Champion Coach Dave Fraley. He made some awesome comments about our tournament structure and we talked about our favorite things about the fellowship at Rupp each season.


Season 1, Episode 8

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February 5th, 2018 Podcast

Disclaimer: We faced audio issues yet again this week and have decided to separate our relationship with the current platform we are using to record. Please be patient as we move our recordings and hope for improvement in Week 7. A sincere thanks for sticking with us as we figure things out — we were excited to provide such a clear cast last week only to have the low-quality audio results return this week.

Jon and I have decided to begin traveling to be in the same place during recordings and will hopefully be bringing you video coverage, along with a better audio version of our podcast, very soon.

Thanks for your support.

Jon and Kayla press through to record their episode after hours on Sunday night to bring you their information about the State Tournament draw, a regional overview, Mr/Miss Basketball contestants, and some big wins that happened this week. They discuss their feel good story of the week and as always, Jon tells us how he really feels. Listen in!


Bluegrass Basketball Season 1 Episode 6

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January 29th, 2018 Podcast

The All A State tournament has wrapped up, Kayla and Jon share their thoughts about the girls and boys tournaments, they discuss several unexpected wins that happened across the state. Player of the Year and Coach of the Year voting is now open and they tell you how to do so. The duo introduces the concept of two new segments — “Where are they now?” and something similar to the C’Mon Man moments on ESPN. Jon and Kayla’s favorite gyms are listed along with a moment to talk about the terrible tragedy that happened at one of our great high schools.


The podcast’s audio issues are now a thing of the past, too — you’ll enjoy the listen that much more. Let us know what you think!

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Bluegrass Basketball Season 1, Episode 5

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