About Bluegrass Basketball

Bluegrass Basketball began as a Social Media entity providing scores, stats, and facts about Kentucky High School Basketball throughout all sixteen regions in the state.

It has now developed into a full-fledged news source for all things Kentucky High School Basketball.

Bluegrass Basketball was founded by Keaton Belcher, who now head coaches at Pendleton County High school. We are currently ran by Kayla Moore, hailing from the 15th Region. Contributing writers are Jonathan Moore, an assistant coach at Dunbar, and J.R. VanHoose, former Mr. Basketball and Paintsville High School legend.


One thought on “About Bluegrass Basketball

  1. You revitalize the Sweet 16 by going to 4 classes. 0-312, 313-681, 682-1108, 1109 and up. Have 4 sections per class. Playoffs to get down to a final 4 per class. Those 16 make up the Sweet 16. Each class final 4 is part of the Sweet 16 . Have a state champ per class. Each of those class champs now playoff to be Sweet 16 champ. More teams playing for a state title . More fan bases involved and still have that chance of little Cinderella winning it all. Takes nothing away from Sweet 16, just adds to it.


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