2021 KABC Regional Players and Coaches of the Year Announced

The Kentucky Association of Basketball Coaches along with the Kentucky Lyons Eye Foundation released the list of region player and coach of the year for both boys and girls basketball on Friday morning.

The individuals honored with representing their school and region as player of the year are also the finalists for the Mr. and Miss Basketball awards that will be announced on April 18..

The Mr. Basketball award was first given out in 1954 while Miss Basketball has been awarded since 1976.

Only dues-paying members of the KABC are eligible for the coach of the year award thus making their players eligible for their award.

All award winners are listed below including the runner up in each region for player of the year. The importance of that list is that those players will also be considered when selections are made later this year to fill out the roster for the Kentucky All-Stars in the annual Kentucky/Indiana All-Star Series.

2021 KABC Boys Basketball Region Player of the Year

Region 1 – Noah Dumas (McCracken County) & Zion Harmon (Marshall County)

Region 2 – Destin Allen (Webster County)

Region 3 – Nash Divine (Muhlenberg County)

Region 4 – Isaiah Mason (Bowling Green)

Region 5 – Jaquias Franklin (Elizabethtown)

Region 6 – Devin Perry (DeSales)

Region 7 – Cameron Pope (Male)

Region 8 – Kelly Niece (Simon Kenton)

Region 9 – Sam Vinson (Highlands)

Region 10 – Grant Profitt (Scott High)

Region 11 – Ben Johnson (Lexington Catholic)

Region 12 – Kade Grundy (Somerset)

Region 13 – Jevonte Turner (Knox Central)

Region 14 – Jaz Johnson (Wolfe County)

Region 15 – Isaiah May (Johnson Central)

Region 16 – Mason Moore (Rowan County)

2021 KABC Girls Basketball Region Player of the Year

Region 1 – Cayson Conner (Marshall County)

Region 2 – Sadie Wurth (Henderson County)

Region 3 – Aleigha Mucker (Breckinridge County)

Region 4 – Lucy Patterson (Warren East)

Region 5 – Ella Thompson (Bethlehem)

Region 6 – Tiarra East (Butler)

Region 7 – Taylor Price (Louisville Central)

Region 8 – Brynna Blackburn (South Oldham)

Region 9 – Brie Crittendon (Ryle)

Region 10 – Mya Meredith (Scott High)

Region 11 – Brooklyn Mile (Franklin County)

Region 12 – Macey Blevins (Wayne County)

Region 13 – Mikkah Siler (Williamsburg)

Region 14 – Lexy Lynch (Owsley County)

Region 15 – Katie Moore (Floyd Central)

Region 16 – Harley Paynter (Boyd County)

2021 KABC Boys Basketball Region Coach of the Year

Region 1 – Greg Overstretch (Paducah Tilghman)

Region 2 – Ryan Perry (Lyon County)

Region 3 – Kyle Eades (Muhlenberg County)

Region 4 – Todd Messer (Clinton County)

Region 5 – Jared McCurry (John Hardin)

Region 6 – Blake Stone (Doss)

Region 7 – Aaron Hill (Christian Academy of Lou.)

Region 8 – Jason Burns (Spencer County)

Region 9 – Matthew Otte (Conner)

Region 10 – Brian Kirk (Mason County)

Region 11 – Brandon Salsman (Lexington Catholic)

Region 12 – Denny Webb (Boyle County)

Region 13 – Michael Jones (Harlan County)

Region 14 – Allan Holland (Hazard)

Region 15 – Tommy McKenzie (Johnson Central)

Region 16 – Shawn Thacker (Rowan County)

2021 KABC Girls Basketball Region Coach of the Year

Region 1 – Lyndon Dunning (Graves County)

Region 2 – Shannon Hodge (Crittenden County)

Region 3 – Chad Moorman (Breckinridge County)

Region 4 – Piper Lindsey (Barren County)

Region 5 – Amber Courtney (Bardstown)

Region 6 – Michael Prichard (Pleasure Ridge Park)

Region 7 – Maurice Ponder (Male)

Region 8 – Clay Birdwhistell (Anderson County)

Region 9 – Justin Holthaus (Cooper)

Region 10 – Steve Brown (Scott High)

Region 11 – Nick Runyon (Paul Laurence Dunbar)

Region 12 – Mark McKinley (Wayne County)

Region 13 – Eddie Mahan (North Laurel)

Region 14 – Travis Smith (Owsley County)

Region 15 – Justin Triplett (Floyd Central)

Region 16 – Mandy Layne (Russell) & Pete Fraley (Boyd County)

2021 KABC Region Player of the Year Runner Up

Region 1

Boys: Eli Brown (Paducah Tilghman)

Girls: Madison Calvin (Ballard Memorial)

Region 2

Boys: KJ Crump (University Heights)

Girls: Shannon Hodge (Crittenden County)

Region 3

Boys: Brady Dame (McLean County)

Girls: Kassidy Daugherty (Apollo)

Region 4

Boys: Mason Shirley (Allen Co.-Scottsville)

Girls: Jacqueline Jackson (Greenwood)

Region 5

Boys: Anthony Bowen (John Hardin)

Girls: Kayra Freeman (Elizabethtown)

Region 6

Boys: Tony Moss (Doss)

Girls: Dynastee White (Butler)

Region 7

Boys: Ethan Hodge (Trinity)

Girls: Sydney Raque (Christian Academy of Louisville)

Region 8

Boys: Sam Conley (Spencer County)

Girls: Sophie Smith (Anderson County)

Region 9

Boys: Scott Draud (Beechwood) & Wyatt Vieth (St. Henry)

Girls: Sydney Lockard (Dixie Heights)

Region 10

Boys: Rickey Lovette (Montgomery County)

Girls: Marie Kiefer (Bishop Brossart)

Region 11

Boys: DaShawn Jackson (Frederick Douglass)

Girls: Elise Ellison-Coons (Paul Laurence Dunbar)

Region 12

Boys: DeAjuan Stepp (West Jessamine)

Girls: Alexa Smiddy (Southwestern)

Region 13

Boys: Conner Robinson (Clay County)

Girls: Whitney Caldwell (Pineville)

Region 14

Boys: Wade Pelphrey (Hazard)

Girls: Keara Mullins (Knott Co. Central)

Region 15

Boys: Jordan Frazier (Betsy Layne)

Girls: Sammi Sites (Johnson Central)

Region 16

Boys: Kirk Pence (Raceland)

Girls: Kelsie Woodard (Menifee County)

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