Congratulations to the Owensboro Red Devils!

Congratulations on taking home the state championship! It was a long road with a tough Covington Catholic OT game — but the Red Devils persevered and came out on top.

My apologies for not posting stats for the other sessions, in the midst of attending every game and traveling, I didn’t get a chance for a recap. Seems as if the box scores are now taken down from KHSAA’s website (or relocated.)

I do have a treat for you guys, Bluegrass Basketball has designed a “King of the Court” tee for all Red Devil fans and players. It’s awesome — and can be found in our store.

Screen shot 2015-03-25 at 9.09.18 AM

Now that our Sweet 16 hangover has passed, it’s technically the off-season. What coaching moves are being made? Are we seeing any prime players transfer?

Keep checking in. We will be keeping you updated on any happenings in our downtime. And look for a few historical updates of our greats — it’s about time we educated all the young kids on why our high school basketball tradition is so rich.

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